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Are you an adventurer striking out on their first quest far from home? Or a barbarian seeking to leave carnage in their wake? Perhaps you’re a newly conscripted soldier from a growing empire? Or a orc setting off to fight in new uncharted territories?

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Genesis LARP Studios

Genesis LARP Studios LLC is a production company dedicated to enhancing Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) communities.

We're faithful in our mission to provide affordable LARP gear solutions and demonstrating ethical standards among our fellow roleplaying communities worldwide.

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Here at Genesis LARP Studios we produce a wide range of fantasy weapon styles, each handcrafted with superior materials. We create swords, daggers, axes, maces, shields, bucklers, spears, staffs, and much more including Post-Apocalyptic styles and custom prop commissions. 

Generating Hype Responsibly

As LARP designers we often get intensely passionate when putting together new projects. We have this brilliant idea on how to tell a compelling story and we can become so caught up on our own enthusiasm that we forget to take the time and communicate clearly on what exactly it is that we're creating. 

Paladin Sun Sword with Sheath
Paladin Sun Sword with Sheath
Paladin Sun Sword with Sheath
Paladin Sun Sword with Sheath
Paladin Sun Sword with Sheath
Paladin Sun Sword with Sheath
Paladin Sun Sword with Sheath
Regular price $225.00

This product is currently still in development. Images are as example only, and all features and colors are subject to change. Pre-Orders are valid for cancellation and refund at any time prior to shipment. After the order has shipped, the standard 30 day return policy applies. 

Blinded by the light of justice, the evil of this world cower in fear of the Paladin Sun Sword. The blade is a double edge with a flared tip. There is a gold inlay in the center of the silver blade. The guard of the weapon is the real star of this prop, featuring a radiant sun ornament made of golden flares stretching out from a center pale yellow orb. This weapon is sold with a carrying sheath perfectly shaped to match the sword both in its function as a weapon holder as well as in style and color. There's no doubt that any holy warrior wielding the Paladin Sun Sword will feel the full power of the gods in their hands. 

This LARP prop is made from a durable, closed cell foam with a strong and flexible fiberglass core. It also features a resilient latex coating, which not only increases durability but also prolongs the life of the weapon. 

Artwork by Logan Rouintree

Key Features: 

  • Quality Weapon similar to Name Brands but at an Affordable Price
  • Latex Foam Safe for Light touch LARP Events
  • Features a Resilient Latex Coating
  • Round Fiberglass Core is Flexible and Strong
  • Strong Core Tip Protection
  • Made from Durable Closed Celled Foam that is bonded firmly to Core
  • Requires Use of Maintenance Silicone to Ensure A Long Life and Durability

  • Overall Size: 35 inches
  • Handle Size: 5.5 inches