Augury - An Alternate Reality LARP - Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay in Augury LARP will use a set of simple calls and rules for communicating elements of the fictional setting, resolving conflicts, and the effects on the characters within.

Augury LARP strives to create a more theatrical playstyle rather than a gaming playstyle. Game rules use less numbers or video game style calls to convey game effects, and instead encourage visual cues and narration to convey game elements.

For example, in other games you may see players shouting “4 Fire” after their swings to indicate their attacks deal 4 points of damage of the fire type. In Augury players would merely have a sword that visually indicates it is “on fire” in the context of the fictional setting, and the act of attacking someone with the foam sword is enough to indicate you are damaging them without the need to announce the game mechanics as well.

A copy of a basic gameplay rules is -- In Development

Additional guidebooks involving character special abilities and spell casting within the game is -- In Development