Augury - An Alternate Reality LARP - Introduction

Hidden away across the many planes of reality, magic remains dormant. Its secrets hidden... Until now.

Augury -- An Augmented Reality LARP -- takes place in our world as it is right now, but as something extraordinary is stirring below the surface. Will you be the one to discover the secrets of magic and unlock its power? Will you risk everything to discover the fundamental truths of the multiverse like none have before? Will your quest for knowledge be worth the inevitable fall?

The journey is about to begin. Join us for a new experience in might and mysticism with Augury LARP! 


What is this?

Augury is a live immersive experience inspired by the contemporary fantasy book and television series “The Magicians”. It is designed as a fusion between an Alternate Reality Game (ARG), and as a limited series of Live Action Role Playing (LARP) events.

The elements of the ARG will be using online and postal mail media content presented between live events that will be available for anyone who is interested in participating to enjoy. Some mailed content may require small fees to cover the cost of printing and shipping.

The LARP live events will host between 20-50 participants portraying modern day individuals discovering the hidden world of magic. Their quest for answers will take them into fantastic fantasy lands while struggling to reconcile concepts of morality, greater understanding on their journey of self actualisation and personal growth. A full event schedule will be posted by April 2020, and tickets will be available for sale soon thereafter. 

Participation in the ARG content is not required for attending LARP live events, and vice versa. 

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