Augury - An Alternate Reality LARP - The ARG

Augury will feature an alternate reality game available mostly online whose story will blend seamlessly with that of the live events. Players can be introduced to the fictional setting through a series of media content disguised as alternate versions of real world persons and elements. Content may include but is not limited to websites, online videos, private chat rooms, e-books, mailed documents, and phone or text messages. These content “rabbit holes” are intended as small mysteries that can lead players to clues in discovering the ongoing “conspiracy” behind magic and the fictional story. These short stories may help players discover insights into the ongoing fictional setting of the LARP as well as provide an opportunity for invitations to participate in the live events. Participation in the ARG content is not required for attending live events, and vice versa. 

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Private social groups will be made available for players to connect and interact with each other both in a fictional game sense, and as spectators to watch the story unfold. Different from most ARGs where a key element of the game is having the designers deny that the fictional conspiracy is even a game at all, Augury will be maintaining safe spaces for players to debrief and separate themselves from the fictional elements of the game.

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