Augury - An Alternate Reality LARP - The LARP

Augury will host a series of live roleplaying events starting in or after April 2020. The style of the live events are that of theatrical immersive roleplaying experiences with light rules to govern simulated combat and resolve conflicts. The story will primarily be focused on a “player vs environment” style of conflict resolution, encouraging characters to band together in order to overcome opposing malicious forces controlled by the event staff. Solving mysteries and making choices within the fictional context of the events will change and develop the ongoing story, leading eventually to a conclusion defined solely by the players actions.

Here is a helpful short video explaining more about “what is a LARP?”

We intend to have a strong emphasis on practical effects to emulate the experience of casting magic. Players are encouraged to learn about how the event staff portrays magic in the setting so they can play an active role in creating the immersive magical atmosphere of the world their characters are in. Gameplay should run seamlessly with the immersive setting, allowing players to blend the story/characters/decisions with the game mechanics and rulebook. In order to maintain the illusion that magic is real, there will be a strong mandate for enforcing the “Curtain” between the fantasy setting and the behind the scenes elements required to create the experience. When in doubt, the game will default to creating a compelling story that empowers consensual player agency over holding to any hard limits in the game rules or stage effects. 

The available activities introduced during the events will be based on a consent based “opt-in” model, allowing players to get involved in as much or as little of the different experiences as they are comfortable with. Event tickets are open to anyone over the age of 18. Accommodations will be made available for players with disabilities who communicate their needs to our team.  Participation requires no previous experience with acting, re-enacting, sports, or role-playing.

Players should expect to encounter a wide array of challenges during events to simulate the experience of learning how to create magic in the context of the fantasy setting, and resolving conflict with opposing forces. These challenges may include recipes and guides to follow, simulated combat and action play using foam props, as well as puzzles/riddles/mini-games common to escape rooms or similarly styled events. Although not a requirement of participation, some minor physical challenges may be available including learning the art of “finger tutting”.

The LARP story will be an evolving plotline that takes into consideration the actions and motivations of the characters being portrayed by the players. The entire campaign is intended as 6-8 total events scheduled over the course of an 18 month period. Individual events will be 2-3 day engagements scheduled over weekends and holidays. Event structure will include at minimum a character workshop, a setup party, game runtime continuing overnight, and a debrief and after game party to conclude the event. The story of the events will include characters and plotlines introduced as part of the Alternate Reality game, but knowledge of these ARG story elements are not necessary for participation in the LARP. 

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