LARP Academy: Enhancing the Development of Live Action Roleplaying

 LARP Academy: Enhancing the Development of Live Action Roleplaying

What is LARP Academy? 

The LARP Academy is an ambitious project to create online content that enhances the art of Live Action Roleplaying. Our mission is to bring new players into the hobby, grow the skill sets and practical experience of LARPers, and build a platfom for resources to help tell better stories both as a designer, and as an avid player. 

The content shared here will begin with a set of insightful blogs and how to guides. But as we continue on both video and interactive content will slowly be made available. 

We're also looking for a few helping hands! If you're interested in sharing your experience or helping us develop this content please do email us with your ideas! 

Here are some of the courses we'll be creating at the Academy. 

Hero Series: A Helpful Guide for NEW LARPers

  • DIY Tutorials for costumes, props, encampments, and food!
  • Explanations, Guides, and Checklists
  • Walkthroughs for Character Creation and Costuming

Workshop: Bringing Ideas to Life

  • Foamsmithing: Guides and Reviews
  • Craftsman Tutorials: Exploring Wood, Leather, and Foam
  • Behind the Scenes: Product Development Updates
  • Artists Corner: Showcasing the Inspiration behind Genesis Designs

Foundation: The Building Blocks of Storytelling in LARP

  • Storytelling Basics: How to get started writing and running LARPs!
  • Community Management: How to attract and maintain a healthy player focused community. 
  • Participant Design: Creating spaces physical and social that encourage dynamic and profound experiences. 
  • Character Design: A guide to writing and understanding characters given purpose, agency, and growth. 
  • Setting Design: Blending the lines between Worldbuilding, Game Rules, and Interactive Storytelling
  • Safety in LARP Design: Creating safe spaces that allow for intense and creative expression within diverse communities.