Barbarian's Sword
Barbarian's Sword
Barbarian's Sword
Barbarian's Sword
Barbarian's Sword
Barbarian's Sword

Barbarian's Sword

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When they met your people they labeled you as "Barbarians." They jeered at the life you had. Ignored you or attempted to change you to suit their needs. Never did they try to learn your ways- to understand that you had no need for what they believed to be important. That you could live in happiness and comfort without trapping yourselves within walls of stone. That a life living with the natural world could be even more rewarding than hiding from it. But no matter, you did not blame them for their ignorance. 

But when they decided that your home now belonged to them.. when they came with their war and self-righteous wrath..  your people were ready. They called your weapons inelegant, bound with leather and set with bone; but battle need not be elegant. It only needs to be won. 

The Barbarian's Sword is a unique double edged longsword with an artistic ricasso and a prominent fuller down its center. Despite its wild and savage appearance, this sword is light and well balanced, making it a weapon to be feared and respected. The blade features a shining steel finish with accents in bronze. This LARP sword is made from a durable, closed cell foam with a strong and flexible fiberglass core. It also features a resilient latex coating, which not only increases durability but also prolongs the life of the weapon.

Key Features:

  • Quality Weapon similar to Name Brands but at an Affordable Price
  • Safe for Light touch LARP Events
  • Features a Resilient Latex Coating
  • Round Fiberglass Core is Flexible and Strong
  • Strong core tip protection
  • Made from Durable, Closed Celled Foam 
  • Requires Use of Maintenance Silicone  to Ensure A Long Life and Durability

  • Measurements:
    • Overall Size: 42 inches
    • Handle Size: 8 inches
    • Weight: 360 grams

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