Ruby Parrying Dagger

Ruby Parrying Dagger

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Featuring a thin blade with blood red center fuller, and dark steel curved crossguard. The Ruby Parrying Dagger is a trusted and well loved addition for any fighter in need of a off-hand dagger. The dagger's blade features a bright silver color, while the hilt is a darker tint resembling cast iron. The cross hilt is designed to protect the wielders hand by being shaped to 'catch' and deflect incoming sword blows. The grip is a dull yellow artistically wrapped with dark leather making it both beautiful and easier to handle in battle. The pommel resembles a ruby centered around the bottom of the handle making it the crowning 'jewel' of the piece. This simple, yet elegant, artistic, yet practical, Ruby Parrying Dagger is a superior class of short weapon that can be the perfect fit for fighters of all types.

This LARP prop is made from a durable, closed cell foam with a strong and flexible fiberglass core. It also features a resilient latex coating, which not only increases durability but also prolongs the life of the weapon.

 Artwork by Logan Rouintree

Key Features: 

  • Quality Weapon similar to Name Brands but at an Affordable Price
  • Latex Foam Safe for Light touch LARP Events
  • Features a Resilient Latex Coating
  • Round Fiberglass Core is Flexible and Strong
  • Strong Core Tip Protection
  • Made from Durable Closed Celled Foam that is bonded firmly to Core
  • Requires Use of Maintenance Silicone to Ensure A Long Life and Durability

  • Overall Size: 20 inches
  • Handle Size: 5 inches